Our DON, is awesome. I feel comfortable going to her with questions and ideas!

I like how Tiffany Square has special days for their employees and individual employees are acknowledged, little gifts we receive for our birthdays, anniversary, and holidays!

This company definitely puts money back into their employees. They show their appreciation frequently and in multiple ways.

Wonderful benefits: appreciation snacks/meals, 401K matching, great insurance, etc.

Great home office support in doing my job. Encouraged to think out of the box and offer ’what if’s’ and know those ideas will be looked at. Vetter Foundation – knowing my contributions at my facility have an impact not only in the United States but Worldwide.

I feel that everyone working in our facility makes a difference and is important. Everyone, and their job are needed to make our residents have a dignity, and a quality of life.

This company still provides sick time accrual and if the employee doesn’t take the insurance benefit, he/she receives a wage increase.

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